A downloadable #IWantToCreate for Windows

Special project for #IWantToCreate

Game jam, Fusion2.5, Clickteam

I was not able to put it on the page (itch.io/jam/iwanttocreate)

Install instructions

Launch .exe


Spyramid.exe 7 MB


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thank you ! it is crazy what you can do as a game can if time and with a given theme

Super cool concept! Very awesome and new idea!

Sorry I couldn't help in time. Your game is fun, I would have love to see in in the #IWantToCreate Jam. Maybe next time :)

I use Microsoft authenticator to authenticate but it gives me a code has 8 digits instead of 6 like asking ???

My problem was not coming from? Status off ,but I can not activate with the code


I did like the picture but its not working

thank you I'll see it

https://yadi.sk/d/qkl5iM1tsWhwR (reloaded?